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The company producing industrial furnaces and stoves, gas and electric, continuous and intermittent, induction heaters, induction melting furnaces, washers and auxiliary equipments, including the supervising system, for thermal, melting, and heating treatment.
Furnaces for the aluminium industries, forging shops, automobile industries, electric industries, heavy industries and others more.
A wide range of furnaces and auxiliary equipments for your company.


The company producing nuts at international level. Adopting a consistent investments policy to assure the continuous growing of the company and the competitivity, it is constantly amplifying its industrial estate, endowing it with structure and technologies thus transforming itself in one of the most important manufacturers of the fastener field and making its products known in the whole home and international market. The continuous improvement establishment in the processes and working coditions, and the qualification of the employees, aim its services and products quality, and the Customer's satisfaction.

The company producing machines and equipments for the starch and fecula industries.

With a wide experience in this segment, having manufacturing and assembly “know how” about the complete equipments line that constitute a company in this segment from unloading platforms up to the starch classifying and bagfilling.

Continuously seeking on evolving and with more than 45 years of experience, offers on the market equipments with high quality and confidence.
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